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The Best Instant Pot Chickpeas Recipes

Instant Pots have dramatically changed how and what we cook. Cooking beans, including chickpeas, has become so much easier. In this post, we share more than just how to cook chickpeas in an Instant Pot. This post is a round-up of the best Instant Pot chickpea recipes including soups and stews, main dishes, and desserts. 

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What Is An Instant Pot

The first time I heard the words, “Instant Pot,” a confused look crossed my face. What is the magical kitchen device people keep talking about? Isn’t an Instant Pot simply a slow cooker on steroids? Turns out that I really wasn’t too far off base with my question. 

Simply put, Instant Pot is the brand that created a multi-function electric pressure cooker. Their device combines the functionality of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and crock-pot into one kitchen appliance. It has the capability to saute, steam, and cook food all in one. Best of all, an Instant Pot helps quicken the cooking process. 

Instant Pots range in size from 3 quarts up to 8 quarts. Models come equipped with 6 in 1 and up to 10 in 1 functionality. These larger models include the ability to make yogurt, rice, and cook eggs. They are truly remarkable machines worth the investment. 

We have the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1. It has a six-quart capacity, which is more than enough to cook for two people or for a small group. There is also an 8-quart option for families. This recipe will make about 10 servings, which is great for entertaining or for batch cooking.

Best Instant Pot Chickpea Recipes
The Best Instant Pot Chickpea Recipes

Why Cook Chickpeas In An Instant Pot

Since getting our Instant Pot over a year ago, we just love cooking with it. First and foremost, it saves us time, especially with preparing chickpeas. You can power soak dry beans and chickpeas in an electric pressure cooker to avoid overnight soaking. Before having our Instant Pot, it felt like we could never get dried beans to properly soak overnight. Thankfully those days are gone.

Chickpea recipes in an Instant Pot

In addition to cooking dried chickpeas and beans, you can also cook canned chickpeas in an Instant Pot so quickly. Recipes that call for canned chickpeas are ready in as little as three minutes! 

The results from our electric pressure cooker have been incredible and not just with garbanzo beans. Whenever we have cooked beef, chicken, or pork in the Instant Pot, it has come out juicy and “fall off the bone” tender. Knock on wood, but thus far we’ve not had anything come out undercooked. 

At the end of the day, an Instant Pot really is worth the investment. When you add up the cost of purchasing all the different kitchen appliances you’d need in place of an Instant Pot, it’s a no brainer. 

Canned Chickpeas Vs Dried Chickpeas In An Instant Pot 

Cooking chickpeas in an electric pressure cooker

Regardless of which you prefer or what a recipe calls for, dried or canned chickpeas both respond well to cooking in an Instant Pot. Canned chickpeas or garbanzo beans as they are also referred to take less than 3 minutes to cook in an Instant Pot. This is super helpful if you are pressed for time but still want to serve a healthy meal. 

Dried chickpeas only require a short soak to get them ready to make a dish like hummus. For other dishes, it’s not necessarily a requirement to soak to soften the garbanzo beans. In fact, many Instant Pot garbanzo beans recipes skip this step entirely. 

To cook chickpeas in an instant pot is fairly similar to cooking chickpeas in a pressure cooker. You want to ensure that you have enough liquid to cover the chickpeas for them to thoroughly cook. The garbanzo beans in the Instant Pot will take half the time to cook compared to the pressure cooker chickpeas.  

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Types of Instant Pot Dishes

We’ve had a lot of success cooking Indian dishes in our Instant Pot. Whether it’s been a Black Bean Curry or Green Lentil Curry, the results have been spot on Indian dishes.

Similarly, it might not seem like it, but there’s a lot you can do with garbanzo beans in an Instant Pot. One of the most popular dishes to make is an Instant Pot Chickpeas Curry. Try adding a bit of spinach for some extra goodness. 

Aside from Indian dishes, you’ll find a number of chickpea Instant Pot recipes out there from a variety of cuisines. Italian or Moroccan Instant Pot chickpea stew are some of the easiest and more importantly tasty recipes to make. 

The Best Instant Pot Chickpea Recipes

Here are our recommendations for delicious Instant Pot chickpea recipes. We have tried to include a wide variety of recipes.

These recipes for garbanzo beans include side dishes and mains, as well as soups and Instant Pot chickpea stews. More importantly, we’ve selected recipes from a number of different cuisines to keep things interesting. We also have vegetarian and vegan chickpea recipes.

As we find and test out new recipes, we will continue to update. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

Instant Pot Chickpea Recipes

Instant pots have dramatically changed how and what we cook. Cooking beans, including chickpeas, has become so much easier. In this post, we share more than just how to cook chickpeas in an instant pot. This post is a round-up of the best instant pot chickpea recipes including soups and stews, main dishes, and desserts.

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